Keeping it simple and soulful, Brent & Co. combines rock, country, reggae and pop with improvisation to create memorable and refreshing music with heart and soul.  Performing over 250 shows a year, this is a sound crafted on the road and in front of audiences nationwide.  After touring on the 2012 release Not How We Dream EP, Brent & Co. are eager to unleash their new music on the world and continue bringing their live show to fans far and wide. The self-titled EP, Brent & Co. released in October 2015.

The strength of their live show, naturally, starts with the band members themselves. Theirs is a brotherhood forged on the road - in a station wagon - with over 250 acoustic & full band shows a year. Vocalist/guitarist Brent Peterson is joined on stage by drummer Dominic Fragman, saxophonist Derrick Michaels, and bassist Joe Martone. While the members of Brent & Co. come from varied musical backgrounds, their strong musicianship ties their sound together seamlessly.

Yet, in the modern era of “free” music, it’s not enough for independent artists to have a strong sound and compelling live show. Today’s musicians must be label, artist, and manager all while creating their own opportunities. In this day of overnight success, Brent & Co. have sought to build a name the traditional way: with night after night of great performances. First it was small bars and house parties - now it’s a clubs and colleges. Regardless of venue the band consistently reaches new audiences with unique performances of classic tunes and original songs that are thoughtful, catchy, and made for dancing.

Brent & Co.'s new self-titled release starts off with A Little Bit Closer, an acoustic rock reflection on the complexities of modern romance.  Showcasing Brent & Co.’s signature pop-rock sound, this is the perfect opening track, with a killer saxophone solo to set the mood.  The next track, Breakin’ Up is a dedication to the three-chord reggae soul of the legendary Gregory Isaacs.  Moving into sweet rock steady and reggae territory is natural for the band and provides an injection of uplifting soul to the mix.  Brent & Co. has a foundation of Americana, country and folk music and these influences can be heard on Why Oh Why.  The third track is about the confusion of mixed signals among lovers, a theme familiar to many listeners and has already been a big hit in the live show.  Many of the songs are inspired by the trials and tribulations of desire, and Don’t Even is a contemplative string driven ballad about the frustration found in relationships.  A more upbeat song about love is Collected, with a danceable beat, strong horns and urgent lyrics throughout.  Brent & Co. is no stranger to funk, and this track really embraces a horn driven groove to great effect. Closing out the release is Let’s Stay Together, a loving tribute to Al Green and one of the best songs ever written.  This version really showcases the band’s organic live sound and strength as a quartet, and it works really well to close out the EP on a sweet note.




Photo Credits: Amanda Gahler